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Thanks to everyone who listened.  See you in the next one.

-Syed Druglord


A bold 7 CD set of indie & psychedelic tunes to benefit the Japan tsunami disaster.

The Bavarian Druglords are releasing an unreleased song called “Worldofsound” for DISC 2 of this compilation.  The compilation was released today.  Make sure you check out all the great discs in the series—-lots of friends and great bands on the other volumes as well.

BUY Volume 2 @

LINK to details about all of the volumes:


This is a very special collection of 10 songs; songs of which a couple of have been released on singles—however some of them have been kept under lock and key for several years now.  This is the essence of TBD.  Without the groove and without anything else.  These are the raw versions. A lot of the ‘other’ TBD songs evolved out of skeletons such as these—-“Leaf” on here, is the original version with totally different melodies and lyrics—however the version of “Leaf” on “229” originally was inspired by this one.   If someone heard these for the first time, it would not explain the entire TBD story—–however for those of you who already know the story, i hope it makes sense.

These songs are all unified by an energy.  I hope you see it as well.  For best results, listen later at night…..As a thank you for being of good taste—-these 10 songs are directly downloadable in a zip file that TBD is hosting.  Please give people these songs—-especially if those people matter to you.

01. Who Knows

02. One Is All

03. 6am

04. Fly By

05. All Hail The Singer

06. Holding

07. Orange World

08. Leaf (original)

09. Feel No Pain

10. Everyone Loves You




On the 2nd anniversary of the TBD debut album “205”, I have decided to release a very special EP of lost acoustic blues songs by TBD called the “263 EP”.  The EP will be available on March 1st.


There will be an album release in 2011, however not much more than that is known yet.  The title of the 3rd album is “301” and if i was forced to add a comment about how it will sound, it would be that it is going to be a bit different than the first two albums.

“205” and “229” represented two parts to a story.  They are joined at the hip and forever will be.  “301” represents the way forward and represents an in depth view into the soul of the TBD message.  It will be darker, more abstract, and more raw and visceral.  If the first 2 albums supplied the groove, the 3rd album will supply the move.

If you have either of the first two albums, i really want to ask you to share it, burn copies for your mates, play it at your DJ gigs, and on your radio shows.  This is a small revolution for the thinking rock and roll stars.  I think this is timeless music, and I want it to live on.  It has never been about the money or the fame; it’s been about the music.

all my best to you for 2011.  Keep driving, listening, thinking, and moving.

=Syed Druglord

1. Chimes & Bells – “Chimes & Bells” (Essential listening….amazing album)

2. Gonjasufi – “A Sufi And A Killer” (super creative, super groovy)

3. The Coral – “Butterfly House” (another stellar album from one of the best bands around)

4. The High Wire – “The Sleep Tape” (great at CMJ last year, the album is jangly excellent)

5. Exit Calm – “Exit Calm” (atmosphere done right!)

6. Wolf People – “Steeple” (groovy, rock and roll, and raw)


i don’t know exactly where i am, but i can point out the line where i supposedly am at on a map. when i was a small child growing up in the city of Pori; my dreams did not include standing outside in the frigid cold, staring at a black sky over frozen ground staring at the shallow woods of Russia.

The sounds that will be presented are the sounds i heard in my head, in the skies, on the ground, in the forest, by the water, and in my world. The language is splendourica, and this time has been mine.

The debut album is called YEAR 01 and will be out very shortly.  For a free download of Night 01, please go here:


The good peeps at Highly Evolved doing what they do.

“Its multi-layered nuance cannot be fully explored – and thus appreciated – in a single run-through. There’s just too much. Whether you’re listening to the riff at one minute, or trying (with varying degrees of success) to make out the lyrics beneath, it feels like you’re hearing another song altogether. You throw yourself into this initially unheard undercurrent of subliminal composition; the brain behind the heart. Then on your fourth, or your fifth – or however many times it takes for you to make it all out – you put it all back together again. And you can hear it all, together again; and it sounds even better.”


and another review…on the same site:

Yes, this is definitely an album that can be listened to again, and again, and again, something that I absolutely love about it. Definitely up there with some of the best releases this year and is likely to make my end of year lists”

cheers for the COME ON!